Wow. 15 days, 1014 wonderful people on board and £751,580 raised. When we went live 2 weeks ago we had our sights set firmly on raising £450,000. We felt we had a chance and that if we got there we'd push on for £750,000. We wrote a lot about why these targets were set and what we'd do with the money. The fact we didn't write anything about raising beyond that kinda tells the story. We had absolutely no expectation we'd get this far. We are so appreciative of everyone that has got on board so far, and are so very excited to begin turning Finzels Reach into a venue that we can all be proud of. But now we've hit our stretch goal, what's next?

The project has always revolved around a £1,400,000 commercial mortgage to buy the premises at Finzels Reach. We've now raised all the funds to fit the building out and install the new brewery a Finzels. We've also raised the funds to turn our existing brewery into Bristols first dedicated mixed fermentation facility. Every penny now raised can go towards reducing the commercial mortgage we are taking from our bank. Every penny now raised will reduce the cost of the mortgage, reduce the charges against it and reduce the time we'll take to pay it back. This will further strengthen our company and take additional pressure off us through the early days of establishing our brewpub at Finzels Reach.

So keep cheering for us, keep telling your friends and family, and over the 15 days we've got left on Crowdcube let's push this thing up to the £1,000,000 mark!

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Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards