digital marketing manager


Are you passionate about epic online content and customer engagement? Are you interested in audience growth and digital marketing? If so, we need you to help create amazing content for our audience, and to grow that audience through a wide range of digital marketing activities.

Your job is to figure out how to be ridiculously helpful and engaging to the people that love our beers, so that we can create better written, video and audio content for them. Then, you'll figure out how to best promote that content to people that have never found us before – that means social media, SEO, email marketing, paid social and much more.

Your goal is to attract more website visitors, engage with and improve our social media followers, increase beer sales through our website, and create more fans of our beers.

This role requires excellent photographic, writing and speaking skills, front and centre. Next, we're looking for creativity, attention to detail and the ability to manage your own projects.

What We Do

We are one of the UK's leading young breweries, operating out of 3 sites in Bristol in the South West of England. We aim to become employee owned within the next 3 years and have a brewpub in the centre of Bristol which was funded by over 1500 people, most of whom are based within the Bristol area. Our other premises are Small Bar, a renowned craft beer bar with 31 taps, showcasing small, independent breweries from the UK and beyond, and our original brewery in St Philips. This has a 25HL brewhouse along with a Tap Room and event space. Our Left Handed Giant Brewpub has a brand new 25HL brewhouse and is based on the waterfront in Bristol city centre. It is one of the most visually impactful brewing facilities in the UK. 

Who Are We Looking For?

We don't need someone with huge experience, or marketing degrees here. We have a strong brand and sales already outstrip production. We want someone who has a passion for modern beer and branding, and moderate experience in creating and maintaining amazing online content. Someone who has knowledge and experience in SEO, email marketing, paid social, bots etc would be beneficial. Primarily you need to be passionate about engaging with and growing our current audience.

Core Skills


We're looking for someone with the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate the personality and ethos of our business to our existing audience, and to seek out and engage with new audiences..


You'll be creating articles, emails, social posts, adverts, scripts and much more. You need good writing skills.

Project management, logistics and detail:

You'll be managing the content output of our company, as well as quite a few other things.

The Details

Be passionate about professional content creation

Be an exciting and professional communicator, both verbal and digital

Social media marketing, running Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts and campaigns.

Email marketing – run and grow our newsletter

Contribute to planning and recording podcasts

Help us to blog on a regular basis and to promote that content

Use SEO to grow our website traffic and sales

Basic working knowledge of design software e.g. Adobe Illustrator/ Photoshop

Improve and maintain our websites, hosted on squarespace and shopify

Be creative! Come up with new ideas to help and delight our audience.

Bonus Points

Be a great photographer

Already producing regular content for the web in at least one channel – blog, podcast or video.

Previous experience in building an audience (not just your pals) on social media.

Experience with Squarespace and/or Shopify

Experience with online data/marketing tools, such as Google Analytics, Convertkit or Hootsuite.

How it works

Salary: £21,000 - £27,000 dependant upon experience.

Hours: 40 hours per week.

Benefits: Flexible working week, prospect of shares/company ownership, discount in all our premises.

Location: Across our 3 sites. Small Bar, King St. LHG Brewpub, Finzels Reach. Left Handed Giant Brewing, St Philips. All Bristol, UK.

how to apply

Please send us the following:

1. Video or Audio Cover Letter – 2 MINUTES MAXIMUM

Record a video or an audio clip – quality doesn't matter, just handhold your phone if needed – telling us the top 3 to 5 reasons why you want the job and why you think you're suited to it. Upload it to Youtube or Vimeo (make it private!), or simply send us a Dropbox link.

2. Social Media

Send us a link to your most used, most prolific social media profile (plus provide your Twitter handle too, if different!).

3. Work Experience

Give us a quick summary of who you've worked for in the past, and what you did for them. Just the name of the company, the time period and 2 or 3 sentences on what you did for them.

4. Other Experience

This is where you show us what you've done that's similar to this work. Give us a summary of each. It might be content you created, a site you wrote for or an audience you grew. Keep it short and sweet – just a 2 or 3 sentence summary, for each activity, on what you did, and what you learned.

Name *
Address *
Where can we find your audio or video recording? Upload it wherever you like, and post the URL here. 2 minutes MAX.
Where can we see what you do online - post the URL. Twitter, Facebook page, LinkedIN, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube? Please don't use a personal facebook link for this - pages only.
Only if you haven't used it above.
Give the name of each company, the time period, and 2 or 3 sentences on what you did for them.
Tell us what you did, the time period, and 2 or 3 sentences on what happened and what you learned.
Eg. password for your media recording, or any other important details.