When we first looked at Finzels, all 8500 sq ft of it, it seemed like an insurmountable task to fit out and fill the building. We approached our friend Peter Sanchez-Iglesias to lease our first floor from us to allow us to sign off on a great food option, but also to allow us to sign off the fit out of that area without any additional expenditure from ourselves.  As we progressed the designs and the fit out plans it became increasingly apparent that we had underestimated how much space we would require for the services within our venue. Customer area and brewery is one thing, but storage, cellar, offices and maintaining our event space have all had to be factored in. We discussed with Pete the potential of operating a kitchen within our ground floor but fundamentally the offering he would have wanted to put into the building (ie high end table service led food) did not fit with what we feel we need in that area. Coupled with Pete receiving an epic offer to develop a brand new restaurant in London, we both felt the right decision was to shelf our partnership at this time and find a new and equally exciting partner for our food in Finzels Reach. Pete is a hugely talented and exciting chef, and we remain firm friends and fans of each others business and produce. I have no doubt that at some point in the near future we will do something together, and we can further showcase Bristols world class beer and food scene side by side under one roof.

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So, What Instead?

Mission Pizza, thats what!

We have had many, many food traders at our St Philips Tap Room and there are none that are more exciting, quality driven, ambitious and popular than Mission. Their pizzas are among the best we have tasted anywhere we have travelled in the world, and we are extremely excited and proud to have such an epic young Bristol company alongside us at our new venue. We knew it was incredibly important to ensure that our brewpub had a menu that was exciting, progressive and accessible. We feel that the menu that Mission will put together will be all those things and more.

Rather than having a dedicated restaurant space Mission will work from an open plan kitchen to the rear of our main bar area, giving us use of all floors in the building. From a business perspective we feel we have got a great deal that works for both parties. Much like our arrangement with Wings Diner at Small Bar, we will take all orders over our own bar with the full turnover from both food and drink going through our tills. Those with eagle eyes may have noticed in our most recent iteration of projections for the building that turnover has increased. This is due to the additional revenue generated via Missions food. Mission will in turn invoice us for 80% of their weekly revenue, leaving us with a 20% net margin from the food take. Mission will manage their own staff, both prep and order delivery meaning that the 20% margin is full profit for LHG. We think this is a great relationship, delivering both an amazing customer experience with a food offering that matches the quality of our beers and a solid contribution to our top and bottom line.

We have a huge amount of respect for Missions commitment to quality, and absolutely love their pizzas. More than that, they are lovely people who we cannot wait to work alongside at Finzels, bringing you the best beer, and best pizzas in the city.

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